• Mark Reed for U. S. Congress 30th District
  • Justin M. Clark for California State Assembly 45th District

Voter’s Guide June 5, 2018 Primary
We the People Campaigns
Republican Liberty Assembly



Travis Allen

Lieutenant Governor:

Cole Harris

Secretary of State:

Mark Meuser


Konstantinos Roditis


Jack Guerrero

Attorney General:

Judge Steve Bailey

Insurance Commissioner:

Steve Poizner

Member, State Board of Equalization:

Rick Marshall

United States Senator:

James P. Bradley

Superintendent of Public Instruction:

Marshall Tuck

LOCAL DISTRICTS (San Fernando Valley)

Membr of the House of Representatives 25th CD:

Steve Knight

Member of the House of Representatives 29th CD:

Benito Benny Bernal

Member of the House of Representatives 30th CD:

Mark Reed

Member of the House of Representatives 33th CD:

Kenneth W. Wright

Member of the State Senate 18th SD

Brandon Saario

Member of the Assembly 38rh AD:

Dante Acosta

Member of the Assembly 39rh AD:

Ricardo Antonio Benitez

Member of the Assembly 45rh AD:

Justin M. Clark*

Member of the Assembly 45th AD: (Special Election)

Justin M. Clark*

*Justine M. Clark appears twice and needs your vote twice. Once for the regular term primary, and second time for the unexpired term special election runoff.

Member of the Assembly 46th AD:

Roxanne Beckford Hoge


Judge of the Superior Court

Office No.4

Alfred A. Coletta

Office No.16

Hubert S. Yun

Office No.20

Mary Ann Escalante

Office No.60

Tony J. Cho

Office No.63

Malcolm Mackey

Office No.67

Dennis P. Vincent

Office No.71

David A. Berger

Office No.113

Steven Schreiner

Office No.118

Troy Davis

Office No.126

Ken Fuller

Office No.146

Emily Theresa Spear



Jeffrey Prang


Robert “Bob” Lindsey


Proposition 68          NO

Proposition 69          NO

Proposition 70          YES

Proposition 71          NO

Proposition 72          YES


OTHER DISTRICTS (Not on your Ballots)

Candidates running for congress from California that deserve your support.

Tom McClintock                 US Congress                       4th     CD

Tim Donnelly                       US Congress                       8th    CD

Devin Nunes                        US Congress                       22nd  CD

Dana Rohrabacher            US Congress                       48th  CD

We appreciate your time and effort to make California Great Again!

Please share with your family, friends, and neighbors to turn California Republican Again. Thank you and God bless America!

Republican Liberty Assembly  I  P.O. Box 5267, WEST HILLS, CA91308

Republican Liberty Assembly

The Republican Liberty Assembly is dedicated to the promotion of the fundamental values of the Republican Party and the foundational principles on which the Republic of the United States of America was established. We believe in the strict application of the Constitution of the United States, and in the Unalienable Rights to Life, Liberty, Property and the Pursuit of Happiness. Please see our Position Statement.

Our mission is to form District Committees and a County Committee to represent the Republican, Conservative, Pro-Liberty values, and to act in the best interest of the People of Los Angeles County, California and the United States. To uphold the U.S. Constitution, protect Liberty and Justice, and to protect the sovereignty of the Republic of the United States and fight the globalist agenda.

The Purpose is to educate local voters, to promote Liberty, establish guiding principles, promote these principles, to find and support candidates for public office; to engage the voters of Los Angeles County within the legislative districts therein, and to fight the corrupted establishment.

We need your involvement. Please join us.